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In an era where managing operational costs is paramount for businesses, DVC Group presents a game-changing solution for commercial properties with our innovative Solar Purchase Power Agreement (Solar PPA). 

Imagine harnessing the power of the sun without any upfront costs, contributing to a sustainable future while enjoying substantial financial savings.

Explore our Commercial Solar PPA — a Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) system which is 100% fully funded.

more than just a sustainable energy solution

Solar PV?

Solar PV isn’t just sustainable — it’s a direct path to long-term savings. Businesses can seamlessly adopt eco-friendly energy without allocating capital for solar installation. 

Explore DVC Group’s Commercial Solar PPA for a cost-effective transition to clean energy and efficient solar installation. Find out more.

more than just a sustainable energy solution

What Is a
Solar PPA?

Solar Purchase Power Agreement (Solar PPA) is a financial instrument that enables you to facilitate the solar installation of a commercial system without incurring any upfront costs.

The responsibility for this investment is shouldered by a third-party entity or solar service provider. Typically spanning 10 to 25 years, the agreement provides flexibility in payment structures tied to indices like RPI, CPI, or fixed percentages.

Upon the completion of the agreed term, ownership of the solar system seamlessly transfers to the property owner, who then enjoys the continued benefits of green power from a well-maintained solar installation. Find out more.

You can Expect More From Green Power

Key Benefits

Zero Capital Outlay

No need to invest your own capital; let us handle the initial financial burden.

Maintenance Included

All servicing and maintenance are carried out free of charge for the duration of the PPA.

Environmental Impact​

Contribute to a sustainable future by harnessing clean and renewable solar energy, reducing carbon emissions, and making a positive impact on the environment.

Guaranteed Savings

Enjoy a guaranteed minimum saving of at least 20% compared to the average grid rate provided by Ofgem.

Equipment Ownership

Transfer of equipment ownership to the property owner at the end of the PPA term.

How it works

The Steps For Our
Customer RoadMap

Complete our contact form

The initiation of our energy efficiency process begins with clients filling out our comprehensive contact form

Initial Meeting

Meet with client to understand scope and potential savings. Request made for energy bill / consumption data

Desktop Survey

Desktop Surveys undertaken to fully capture the scope and specification of energy measures

Outline Design

Outline design completed

Funding Proposal

Present outline scheme to the funder for approval

Detailed Design

Assuming approval granted, detailed design and technical calculations produced

Finance Proposal

Submit detailed designs and ROI calculations to the funder for approval

Client Approval

Client approves Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

DNO Application & Planning

DNO application is made, and planning is submitted where needed


Equipment is installed and commissioned

Contract Live

PPA is live for the agreed period

Unlock Cost-Free Solar PPA Solutions for Your Company with DVC Group!

your options

1. Continue paying for electricity.
2. Invest with cash or private finance.
3. Opt for our PPA financing and use our funds.

At DVC Group, we are backed by a £20 million Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) financing option, ensuring you can embrace solar energy without straining your capital expenditure. Join us in creating a brighter, sustainable future.


Here Is An
Example Case

Consider a Student Landlord paying 29p per kWh of electricity. With our Commercial Solar PPA, they enjoyed a rate of 19p per kWh, resulting in a remarkable 35% savings over the 25-year term. No capital outlay, free
maintenance, and ownership transfer at the end.

All commercial properties are considered, including

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Note: DVC Group is committed to providing tailored solar solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer. We are proud to contribute to a greener, cost-effective, and sustainable future. Let’s power your world with the sun!

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Got A Question?

Solar PV is a technology that converts sunlight into electricity. At DVC Group, we specialize in providing solar solutions for both commercial and residential properties, harnessing the power of the sun for a sustainable and cost-effective energy source.

A Solar PPA is a financial arrangement where a third-party entity or solar service provider covers the upfront costs of installing a solar PV system on your property. In return, you agree to purchase the solar power generated by the system at a predetermined rate. Click here to find out more about Solar PPAs.

PPAs typically have a duration of 10 to 25 years. The specific term can be tailored to your needs and preferences.
DVC Group offers a range of benefits, including zero capital outlay, hassle-free maintenance, guaranteed savings, and a commitment to environmental sustainability. We are your partners in unlocking a brighter, more sustainable future.
Unfortunately, our basic qualification criteria require a minimum of 3 years of trading for businesses interested in our solar solutions.
During the PPA term, the third-party entity owns and maintains the solar PV system. At the end of the agreed term, ownership is seamlessly transferred to the property owner for a nominal amount.
No, we provide solar solutions across the entire UK. Whether you are a commercial or residential property owner, DVC Group is here to illuminate your future with solar power.
Yes, we can consider leased premises. However, an agreement with the property owner will be required to proceed with the installation.

Simply contact or call 01743 649888. We’ll guide you through the process and help you make the switch to sustainable, cost-effective solar energy.

Absolutely! DVC Group provides tailored solar solutions for both commercial and residential properties. Contact us to discuss how we can illuminate your home with solar power.


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